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2020: Disguised Blessings

It’s only on how we look at the problem and turn it into an opportunity.

2020 was not an easy year for most of us, everything was disrupted because of the Corona Virus that became pandemic and caused 1.84M deaths globally as of this writing.

The pandemic also brought an economic crisis which made us worry about our job security. DOLE estimated 10M will lose jobs

A lot has changed because of the virus but it’s not all bad. Because of the pandemic e-commerce awareness accelerated, electronic payment awareness boomed, the work-from-home became possible, online meetings became the norm, others were able to spend with their loved-ones longer, we learned to tighten our belts and for some, they learned the art of budgeting. We discover a lot about ourselves that we never thought we can do, the pandemic gives us time to pause, reflect, and learn.

For me, personally, I also thought that I will be joining the workforce that was displaced around the second quarter of 2020. I was very ready at that time; I was not even worried but rather excited, however, God has other plans for me. I guess it’s just a warning or sort of a wake-up call that I need to do because time is running but at the same time he saves me and showered more blessings. My interpretation of it was: nothing grows in the comfort zone, move or I will shake you. Once the world will return to normal or if this new normal becomes permanent, I will start moving again and I should not wait for another tremor from Him.

Despite the pandemic, the restrictions, and the hassle it brought, I officially received the gift that He gave me 3 years ago. I cannot believe that I am living it right now, before, I felt it was more of a transactional or part of the process but it’s different when it finally became real where I am seeing it, touching it, and enjoy every bit of it.

What happened to us is a clear example that “when one door closes, another one opens”. It’s only on how we look at it and turn that problem into an opportunity.

Fear for our own health and the health of our loved ones may be the majority theme of 2020 is all about but everything that happened teaches us lessons as well as opened opportunities. I hope and pray that this 2021 we still able to face the challenges and see the underlying opportunities.

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