Foods We Tried in South Korea

To easily immerse and experience a country that you are visiting, trying their food is the quickest and one of the enjoyable ways. When we went to Seoul, South Korea below are the foods we tried that are not available yet here in Cebu (that I’m aware of). As we all know Samgyeopsal is already here inContinue reading “Foods We Tried in South Korea”

Why Companies are Not Considering Work from Home?

Though work-from-home (WFH) sounds really enticing for most employees but let us also consider the employer’s concern regarding the bad effect of WFH. Though these may have solutions or workaround, just keep in mind not to get heart-broken if the company will still stick to the regular work-at-the-office scheme. Below are the probable reasons whyContinue reading “Why Companies are Not Considering Work from Home?”

Work-From-Home Advantages

Last November or December of 2019 a novel coronavirus burst and now known as COVID-19 and companies are implementing a work-from-home scheme for its employees. Now March 2020, the infamous virus is now on the shore of the Philippines islands. As a way to lower the curve of the said virus, the government is implementingContinue reading “Work-From-Home Advantages”

Why Recruiters should highly consider soft skills than hard skills

Mostly when we look at classified ad sites such as,, and the companies’ job posts usually highlight the hard skills that applicants must-have. There’s nothing wrong with it of course because that’s the way to be specific. However, some companies are too attached to it that they miss the high-value jewel becauseContinue reading “Why Recruiters should highly consider soft skills than hard skills”

How to choose the right sunscreen?

Sunscreen is very important nowadays, not just because it’s summer or if you live in a tropical country like me where it’s always “summer” whole year round but because we don’t want premature skin aging or the worst scenario: skin cancer. There are so many sunscreen products over the counter or displayed on the shelf,Continue reading “How to choose the right sunscreen?”


Last September 3, 2018, we went for a dinner at the newly opened Korean restaurant in Marigondon, Lapu-lapu City. Barangay Marigondon is also known for resorts and the little Korea town because of establishments in the area catering to Korean nationals. they are known for the egg crust around the grill The place is calledContinue reading “MAPO GALMAEGI MAGAL KOREAN RESTAURANT IS HERE IN CEBU”


We all probably heard or give the phrases “I’ve had enough”, “I already did my 100%”, “I did my best” and the likes. We hear this maybe from our significant other, parents, friends, colleague, children or from a movie. I am wondering if you are the giver of that phrase, how certain are you thatContinue reading “ARE YOU SURE YOU DID YOUR BEST?”


You’ve probably encountered the quote with a context that the only competition you have is to your self, but let’s face it, we all look our peers and sometimes create an icon and compare ourselves to them. Some say it’s bad for you but if done right could lead to something good. It will beContinue reading “10 THINGS YOUR COMPETITORS CAN TEACH YOU ABOUT LIFE”