How to get your 2016BestNine Instagram photo?

Like Facebook, you can have a “year in review” in Instagram too though this is an external application and it’s called BestNine. BestNine is an external web application that utilizes the Instagram API orĀ Application Program Interface to compile random photos you took for the whole year. To generate this, you just need to visit thisContinue reading “How to get your 2016BestNine Instagram photo?”

How to create your Facebook Year-In Review 2016?

2016 is coming to its end, and you’ve probably seen some of your friends sharing their Facebook’s #YearInReview video as well as Instagram’s #2016BestNine photo collage. Well if you want to have your own too it’s simple just follow the steps below. Facebook Year In Review Video Log-in to your Facebook Account then search inContinue reading “How to create your Facebook Year-In Review 2016?”


About 1Billion websites are now live on the internet that offers different genre, services, and answering different needs. Your website is one of that massive cluster but the question is how are you going to survive in that competition, given that somewhere in this world your website could have a sister? Below is the listContinue reading “10 SIMPLE THINGS TO ENHANCE YOUR WEBSITE”

List of Free and Premium Survey Tools

I understand that we all want to make sure that we can give our beloved customers and patrons the best and satisfactory service or products we have, with that we need to collect their thoughts and comments about their experience to develop further what we have right now and continue to give them the best.Continue reading “List of Free and Premium Survey Tools”