How to go to Baguio this 2022 (Pandemic)

It’s 2022 and finally, we all can see a light in the tunnel! Covid19 has eased down and as of this writing, the government is now implementing the optional wearing of facemasks when outdoors.

However, Baguio City as of this writing and during my travel there they are not as relaxed as other cities like Manila or Cebu. Baguio City is still implementing the Covid tracking for all the tourists similar to Boracay when we went there.

If you are already fully vaccinated then fulfilling the requirements is not that hard for you. Here are the steps:

Getting into Baguio in 4 easy steps


Register and Schedule

Register and schedule a journey at


Show that you are not a carrier

Filling out the form will be a breeze if you have your documents ready such as your valid ID and vaccination certificate or card as you need to upload them. If you are medically ineligible to be vaccinated, a medical certificate must be shown) or with a negative RT-PCR test conducted within 72 hours prior to arrival. Note that minors are exempted from vaccination and test requirements as long as accompanied by a vaccinated or tested adult; pertinent document/s must be uploaded during registration and/or to be brought for verification upon arrival.


Secure a QTP

Have a printed or electronic copy of QR Coded Travelers Pass or QTP, QTP will be available only after the Local Government approved your request which will take a couple of hours or days depending on when you registered if not staying in accommodation establishments. If with accommodation, contact the booked property/hotel for approval of QTP.


Keep in tab

QTP will be asked in the triage areas in bus stations or/and your accommodation. For more information always check their website

Register your group

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