5 reasons why growing up is better than going up

In our daily encounter with life sometimes we stumble hard moments that we can say “life fucks me hard dude!” but instead of mingling, moving life backward and staying on it I personally realize that it is actually an opportunity for us to grow. Here are the 5 things that I have thought after all those struggles lately.

  1. It will teach you life lessons

The struggle is real and sometimes it seems that the pressures of all of what is happening to you will make you quit. When you realize that it’s all in your mind and if you let yourself affected then you’ll drown into a never-ending spiral of sadness and misery but if you step up and shift the gear to solving those problems and one-by-one hit it like you’re playing some titres then you will see that those challenges are actually gifts. Gifts wrapped in a not so nice way, but the content of those are more precious – the lessons of life, the lessons that God wants you to learn.

  1. It widens your horizon and understanding

After all those fucked up moments and enduring all those painful things that life throws at you, you are able to put yourself on someone’s shoes that you probably come across before and you ignored that person’s feelings or maybe you gave a very strategic but emotionless advice. Now you have come into your mind that you should have to weigh things before giving that advice or before ignoring that person, that they may have more than one problem and they are pressured too and clouded with everything they are carrying.  After your own struggles, you become a more understanding person and you’re ready to give a very sound advice to a friend or to anyone who needed it.

  1. It is your soul’s achievement

We all wanted to go a level higher in our career, games, and everything. We all compete with our peers and to everyone, even to our own selves! We forgot the true value of our stay in this world, not to be someone who everyone praises but should be someone that everyone can rely upon.  Imagine if our world today is not how it is to be; what if we live like the animals where we are all naive and simple and what we only think about is survival (except killing each other)? Do your career level today matters? Does your achievement in your PC games matter? Does your position matters? I bet, NO but what matter is that light feeling, an unexplainable surge of good feeling that lifts your aura and soul from the inside when you feel that you have achieved something because of good deeds.

  1. People will respect you moreWith all the challenges, lessons acquired that you shared with them and all those wise advice that you give; you are able to develop a bond concreted by trust. The people will respect you and feel that your experience will help them in their own battles. They will look you up and on someway give you the authority to explore their inner self to further understand them and provide a better counsel.
  2. You gain a new treasure that you can share in the next generation.As the years pass and as you learn more lessons in life that are valuable enough for you to share to the next generation to help them choose the wise decision. Your golden advice will help them accelerate faster to the next kind of battle which is will probably appropriate for their generation and time. It will definitely be overwhelming in your part that you know that your life has not gone to waste that you inspired a lot of youth and people in your circle or even beyond the loop. The true purpose of life is to live it, experience, enjoy, share and leave a mark in their hearts that they will always remember and cherish. Good luck and may God bless us in our journey!