Work-From-Home Advantages

Last November or December of 2019 a novel coronavirus burst and now known as COVID-19 and companies are implementing a work-from-home scheme for its employees. Now March 2020, the infamous virus is now on the shore of the Philippines islands. As a way to lower the curve of the said virus, the government is implementingContinue reading “Work-From-Home Advantages”

Why Recruiters should highly consider soft skills than hard skills

Mostly when we look at classified ad sites such as,, and the companies’ job posts usually highlight the hard skills that applicants must-have. There’s nothing wrong with it of course because that’s the way to be specific. However, some companies are too attached to it that they miss the high-value jewel becauseContinue reading “Why Recruiters should highly consider soft skills than hard skills”

What is a Team Leader

Leaders are like shepherds, they tend or guide the herd to keep them away from any danger and to make sure that they are eating well. Leaders help the team or organization do the right stuff by setting direction, inspiring the members, look for opportunities, resolve problems and sometimes they are also a catalyst forContinue reading “What is a Team Leader”

How to give constructive feedback

If you don’t feel comfortable disagreeing, then you will never survive. – Tim Cook, Apple CEO. Sometimes in the discussions with your mates in the office or even in your own clique, you need to voice out your dissimilarity, your feedback to the topic discussed though not that pleasant you still need to air itContinue reading “How to give constructive feedback”

Innovation: How do we become innovative?

Today, I guess most of the millennials have heard this and some Gen Z as well that we all need to be innovative. Companies want innovation and they are extracting it from their workforce, but what is innovation and why do we need to be innovative? How do we become innovative? According to Business Dictionary,Continue reading “Innovation: How do we become innovative?”

Management should hit the sweet spot to efficiently utilize the Millennial workforce

Is “collaboration” really an important thing for the millennial employees, when they are just 7% higher than the baby boomers attitude towards collaboration? By the year 2030 Millenials will represent nearly 75% of the workforce. Collaboration is a staple attitude in every organization to push forward and reaches the goals. From baby boomers up toContinue reading “Management should hit the sweet spot to efficiently utilize the Millennial workforce”

Are you a robot or a human?

Policies, laws, rules and regulations at work and in the community or country define how us human move and decide. These rules or policies are like syntax in programming authored by brilliant people in the government or management in hopes to create harmonious, equal, and achieve a rational outcome. However, why they were created inContinue reading “Are you a robot or a human?”

Why Do You Need To Be Certified?

You have been grinding for quite some time now, and you are confident that you have acquired skills and capability; then suddenly the company you are working with asking you to take some certification, would you say yes or will you decline? Does the company or even yourself question your ability and that is whyContinue reading “Why Do You Need To Be Certified?”

Complaining is Healthy Only If It’s Valid

Complain – express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event. The word is from a medieval Latin complangere which means to bewail and the root word of it plangere which means “to lament.” Source: Google Complaining is our natural way of venting out our dissatisfaction to something, and that is healthyContinue reading “Complaining is Healthy Only If It’s Valid”