How to Overcome Passive Listening Habit

When I was in my school days from elementary to college, I was frustrated by myself because instead of helping the person, I made it more complicated. When someone asked me before a question or advice I noticed that they were more confused after I provided my thoughts. It was frustrating to my part becauseContinue reading “How to Overcome Passive Listening Habit”

Men are Polygamous by Nature

Some might disagree on this and some might feel proud but please hear me out or let’s just say please continue reading and be open-minded  We all know that men and women are different creatures but can’t leave alone without the other. Majority of the species here on Earth requires both sexes to procreate andContinue reading “Men are Polygamous by Nature”


We all probably heard or give the phrases “I’ve had enough”, “I already did my 100%”, “I did my best” and the likes. We hear this maybe from our significant other, parents, friends, colleague, children or from a movie. I am wondering if you are the giver of that phrase, how certain are you thatContinue reading “ARE YOU SURE YOU DID YOUR BEST?”


You’ve probably encountered the quote with a context that the only competition you have is to your self, but let’s face it, we all look our peers and sometimes create an icon and compare ourselves to them. Some say it’s bad for you but if done right could lead to something good. It will beContinue reading “10 THINGS YOUR COMPETITORS CAN TEACH YOU ABOUT LIFE”

Innovation: How do we become innovative?

Today, I guess most of the millennials have heard this and some Gen Z as well that we all need to be innovative. Companies want innovation and they are extracting it from their workforce, but what is innovation and why do we need to be innovative? How do we become innovative? According to Business Dictionary,Continue reading “Innovation: How do we become innovative?”

Immature before I’m mature

We might probably hear this once “be mature enough,” “be professional,” “think like grown person” and these phrases could come from your parents, mentors, friends, aunties, grandparents or even strangers. Hearing this from someone is as an arrow struck deep in our chest, our heart pump so fast, we clinched our fist like we areContinue reading “Immature before I’m mature”