Coocaa TV unboxing

Most Filipinos are fond of watching TV shows, it’s our easy access to entertainment, news, music, and today’s modern TV even accessing the web is possible too. I’ve been working for like 7 years and it’s weird that this is my first time to purchase a television. It was really not my type who watchContinue reading “Coocaa TV unboxing”

All Digital Banking: OCTO by CIMB Bank versus ING Banking PH

The use of smartphones proliferates and numbers of Filipinos are connected in the internet, banks are up-scaling too to keep up with the new demand. Banking activities can now be done online, most of the major Philippine banks can be accessed online through their app or through their website. But this new contenders in theContinue reading “All Digital Banking: OCTO by CIMB Bank versus ING Banking PH”

GCash-AMEX Reversal Experience

I purchased a US brand item online using GCash AmEx or American Express virtual card. But the vendor canceled my purchase because they don’t ship to a freight forwarder address or non-residential address. There’s no immediate notification from the vendor when they canceled it; good thing I look at my purchase history in my accountContinue reading “GCash-AMEX Reversal Experience”

One Year After I Purchased Nokia 3310

Nokia’s iconic 3310 was reincarnated with a new look last 2017. Nokia 3310 is known for being a strong and longer-lasting feature phone. Besides from its toughness, games like snake becomes iconic too and that distinctive Nokia sound when you turned it on as well as the text notification tone. Because I thought my motherContinue reading “One Year After I Purchased Nokia 3310”

Why I Choose RealMe C2?

Getting a new Smartphone but you’re on a tight budget? Today, entry-level smartphones are getting bolder and better as they compete against the top tier smartphones as well. The phone that I am using right now that I got 2 years ago which cost around 14,000 pesos at that time is now far from the phones ofContinue reading “Why I Choose RealMe C2?”

Why Companies are Not Considering Work from Home?

Though work-from-home (WFH) sounds really enticing for most employees but let us also consider the employer’s concern regarding the bad effect of WFH. Though these may have solutions or workaround, just keep in mind not to get heart-broken if the company will still stick to the regular work-at-the-office scheme. Below are the probable reasons whyContinue reading “Why Companies are Not Considering Work from Home?”


The only computer machine that I had which was gifted from me from my auntie already retired last year, she made it up to more than 7 years, she’s the machine that I used during college, most especially those thesis days.    When she ultimately bid farewell, I was thinking of getting a new one, especially now that technology evolves so much and everything on that machine was far too oldContinue reading “HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD MOTHERBOARD?”


Okay, so you might have heard Android pay, Apple pay, or Google wallet that you can just link your bank account or credit card account and start paying through the app, though this is not yet available in the Philippines the developed countries are now enjoying this innovation. The mentioned virtual wallets are using realContinue reading “VIRTUAL WALLETS FOR BITCOIN IN PH”

Samsung DeX: New portable system unit

Imagine life when your control to your workstation is just in your hand or pocket; like literally, like a key! That’s the new feature that Samsung is introducing now with their new flagship phone Samsung S8, and they call it DeX. Samsung DeX is a portable system unit integrated into your phone, where you justContinue reading “Samsung DeX: New portable system unit”

The Best Note taking App

It is really challenging for me to keep things in my mind and a note is very helpful for me. However, bringing notebooks and pen whenever I go could be odd in this generation. That’s why notebook or note-taking apps like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Simplenote, Apple Notes and many others are now availableContinue reading “The Best Note taking App”