Boracay requirements if you’re going this 2022

Last April 22, well actually last April 23 (hehehe) we went to Boracay after 5 years. It was also the first out-of-town travel since the pandemic started. This time Boracay is not that strict anymore they don’t require RT-PCR test; speaking of requirements here are the Boracay requirements.


  • For the unvaccinated travelers, you can still travel to Boracay by just presenting a negative RT-PCR Test Result.
  • While for vaccinated individuals, you just need to present your Vaccination Certificate via VaxCertPH 
  • Make sure you have roundtrip flight tickets
  • Confirmed Accredited Hotel Booking
  • Health Declaration Form for Boracay Tourist QR Code, fill it here The vax cert softcopy, tickets, hotel bookings, and ID is required to be uploaded on this site.
  • Government Issued-ID
travel buddies


I used Traveloka to book my flights but in my own experience, I cannot recommend them for now. I had an issue because it was showing a wrong name due to Ñ on my surname. I also discovered that the code it was showing does not match the code in Cebu Pacific thus I cannot manage it in the Cebu Pacific app or website. My PAL flight was rescheduled and I did not receive a text message I think it’s because I booked it in Traveloka.

I would suggest booking directly to the airline of choice and using only Traveloka to aggregate a list of cheap flights and use those details in booking it now to the airline’s website.

white sand beach
bum on a white sand


Our goal in Boracay was to relax and enjoy the white sand, and the beach, and be free from work-related problems. In other words, we just wanted to breathe, so we decided to book a hotel that could satisfy that. We booked multiple hotels but the highlight was Movenpick. Actually, it was supposedly Hennan Crystal because of its location but there was a glitch that causes the delay in the payments thus it was canceled.

It was really worth it despite a few hiccups during the preparation that we even missed the flight 😀

I missed Boracay so much and visiting it back helps replenish my energy, it’s important for us working people to destress, it’s not necessary to be expensive, look around you and you might find the place to destress. Support Local!

Author: Gino Pena

Usually confident and calm, Gino is dynamic, intuitive, and a little grain of shyness. He has a keen active mind that is capable of planning ahead and fast decisions. He tends to give out honest helpful advice in a friendly manner. Gino likes to dress smartly in clothes he feels comfortable. Ambitious but not overly so and can be generous to those he loves.