GadgetCare: My phone insurance experience

I remembered a very unfortunate event that happened last September 29, 2019 when my one and the only reliable phone fell and the AMOLED screen cracked badly. My phone was Samsung J7 Pro, yes, it’s not a flagship and high-end phone but it’s an important item for me because I rely on my banking transactions, emails, notes, reminders, and of course communications through it.

Insured Mobile Phone

I was preparing myself to go home in the locker area when the phone slipped and fell screen first to the hard floor. I thought it would be okay because at that moment some part of the screen was still visible and responsive to touch but as hours went by the area that was hard hit and turned black spread and the whole screen became black as the night.

I was amazed how easy it was filing the claim. After confirming my account details he immediately filed my claim for approval.

I acquired my phone through a post-paid plan under Globe; the plan has an additional “rider” (this is the term used in insurance companies LOL) or program which is phone insurance called as “GadgetCare“. Since my phone is not a high-end one so the monthly policy is not that huge, it’s only 179 per month and it’s comprehensive already which means that whether it was stolen, lost, or damage they will replace it. For more information, you may check Globe Gadget Care.

The current insurance provider is Chubb (previously it’s Ace insurance and there’s a lot of bad feedback on them), a global provider of property and casualty insurance products. Smart also partnered with them and Smart’s program is called Gadget Shield [I think this was discontinued].

So, when I got home I immediately visited Globe’s website and checked the process on how to file a claim. I followed it all and sent an email with the requirements like pictures of the damaged gadget, bills, proof of payments, and identification documents when all of it was not sent because the email address they provided on there website did not exist anymore. So my initial reaction was shocked and skeptic (Maybe this is a trick!). It was a weekend so I waited for the weekday so I can call their toll-free number.

I called their toll-free number and I was amazed because it was so easy filing the claim versus their instructions on the website. I mean, easy because I just narrated what happened and the agent did not even ask for a picture of the severed phone. After confirming my account details he immediately filed my claim for approval. After 2 days I received an email that it was approved but no available replacement phone thus I still need to wait for the availability of an exact unit or closer to the requirements. After another 2 days I sent a follow-up email and luckily the response was positive, a unit was available and to be able to proceed I need to pay the participation fee (depending on your policy, my participation fee is Php 1,500).

Report the incident immediately or within seven days through any of the channels below

Along with their email, they provided the instructions on how to pay the participation fee, it’s through BDO.

I took a picture of the transaction receipt and send to them an email reply. After 2 days, the courier called me that they will deliver my phone. Yes, it’s just the phone and I have to exchange my severed unit to the delivery man.

So, the sender of the unit is not from Chubb, it’s from Esquire Tech Group. Esquire Tech Group is an after-market service company that specializes in repairing and refurbishing electronic gadgets and a total solutions and electronics parts provider with headquarter in Hong Kong.

Yup! it’s not what you think, the replacement is a second-hand similar unit and not a brand new unit, however, it’s as good as brand new, I swear! Though I already expected this because of the fact that the total monthly payments would not suffice to get a brand new unit as a replacement unless this happened like after maybe 5 years where they already gained or at least break-even, right? (though there are still other ways, and a brand new is possible 😉 )

The fact also that the exchange is only the damaged unit and the other items like charger and headphone are not included, it’s obvious!  I am only hoping that the exchange unit is on par with my phone’s flawless exterior and good battery. Good thing, they did not fail me, the exchanged unit is as good as my previous one.

Insurance is highly recommended

I should say, that a gadget insurance is important especially to people like me that are clumsy or maybe just unfortunate in electronic gadgets (I lost and damaged a phone before 🙁  ). It’s really a relief because you don’t have to get a new one as soon as possible, gadgets are expensive and it’s something that we cannot buy immediately (at least for me). So, somewhat I still feel lucky or blessed by God that He allows me to afford a GadgetCare from Globe.