Instant Singapore Travel

My first international travel was Singapore. I didn’t plan this one; it was an invite from my ex (well at that time we were still active), shout out to my ex! Hahahaha.. Well, we’re still friends, good friends in fact cause I don’t burn bridges with my exes, I don’t believe that it’s a good idea. I only burn bridges to people that will cause harm to me and or to my family and friends. Anyway, let’s continue…

It was SEA games (28th Southeast Asian Games) right there when I came, and that event was not part of the plan. I was there for six days, though for the first day I think I was just resting and having a business call in the hotel.. can’t recall but what’s for sure was nothing adventurous happened during the first day.

Singapore is a small country; it’s around 430 times smaller than the Philippines. The land area is 277.6M2, so it’s like about twice the Cebu City only.

My official first day was on the next day and went to the National Stadium though I didn’t watch any games when I was right there, I just enjoyed the activities within the stadium. It was quite an adventure for me actually because I walked the stadium from the hotel in Geylang road and going back to the hotel. It was just an idea out of boredom after I had my breakfast. My ex was working that day and cannot accompany me on that tour. I didn’t know how to get there, and I don’t have a travel card for buses and trains so I managed to walk it through. I did not bring with me my passport so the whole adventure was crucial if ever I’m asked for it then I don’t have anything to show and probably be deported hahahaha 😀 Thankfully God was protecting me and let me enjoy my little adventure for that day.





Landmark Tour

The next day was a tour of the famous landmarks of the city, we went to Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino, pass through Helix Bridge, Singapore Gardens by the Bay, Merlion,  and ate at Makansutra Gluttons Bay and get lost in Esplanade-Theaters on the Bay hahahaha..




My third day was a city tour, roam around Orchard road and bought some chocolates, check out what’s in Singapore Expo but nothing exciting was there when we visited, get a quick nightlife view in Clarke Quay.

Night life at Clarke Quay


The next day was a quick city tour at Orchard road, I saw fellow Filipino around, been to a mall where there are a lot of kababayan and bought some chocolates.

around Orchard road, shopaholic’s heaven

The fun part – USS tour!

The last item we visited was the Universal Studio in Sentosa Island, I remembered my eye problem stricken again (I’ve got astigmatism); I was nauseated and needs to drink a hot drink to somewhat relieve the sick feeling so we standby for a little time to a mall prior heading to Vivo mall ( i don’t know the name of that mall though).

The famous rotating Globe landmark of Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

Far-far away castle

The fastest way to Universal Studio is through here, inside this mall there’s a train station to cross to Sentosa

I will definitely come back to Singapore with friends, maybe after I explore some parts of Asia and of course Philippines (I still got a lot of things to visit in the Philippines). Thanks for taking the time reading this blog, enjoy the rest of your day!