The Charming Island of Siquijor

The majority of Filipinos probably are stereotyping when they heard the word Siquijor. Siquijor is an island  known for traditional faith healers, witches and witchcraft, mystical creatures, and magic but for me personally (I admit I was kind of anxious at first) the island is ultimately charming, it feels like the whole island is all new, peaceful, and very clean (maybe the climate has something to do with it, Siquijor has a 9 to 10 months of wet season, dry season starts from Feb to April or mid-May).

Siquijor is also known as “Isla del Fuego” or Island of fire as it was like burning from afar when Spaniards discovered this island, but actually, it ‘s just the abundant population of fireflies living in the molave trees on the island during that time.

Tribya: Siquijor is the 3rd smallest province of the Philippines, with a land area of 327 square kilometers and a coastline 102 kilometers long.

How to get there?

The island has no airport, therefore the only way to get there is through the sea. The nearest point if you’re from Manila or somewhere far from the island that you’ll need to take an airplane to get there is you need to land in Dumaguete. From Dumaguete head to the Dumaguete port near Silliman University (pier or ‘pantalan’).

There are number of shipping lines that will cross from Dumaguete to Siquijor, what we took was Oceanjet for Php 230 then a terminal fee of Php15. Oceanjet is a little expensive though it’s fast the travel is around an hour.

Other Shipping Lines, click here

  • MV Siquijor Island Ferry
  • GL Shipping Lines
  • Delta Ferry
  • Montenegro Ferry


Our trip was just a day tour so we booked immediately for our departure tickets going back to Dumaguete when we arrived. For our transportation, we rented a multi-cab for about Php 1,600 for the day tour (it was 1,800 actually but we haggled).

Budget damage for this trip in Siquijor was around Php 1,000 each, we’re 6 in the group.

  • 230 Oceanjet x 2 = 460
  • 15 terminal fee x 2 = 30
  • 266 multi-cab
  • 30 Salagdoong beach entrance
  • 8 parking fee in Cambugahay Falls
  • 84 lunch
  • 10 fish spa
  • 16 red cross donation (I think this one is optional)