Why Do You Need To Be Certified?

You have been grinding for quite some time now, and you are confident that you have acquired skills and capability; then suddenly the company you are working with asking you to take some certification, would you say yes or will you decline? Does the company or even yourself question your ability and that is why they need you to have that certificate?

Certification is a formal recognition of your skills or knowledge through that piece of paper with your name on it, some signatures and some unique codes or stickers but beyond that sheet of paper, certification or certifying yourself will get you more advantage versus uncertified peers.
If you certified yourself, you are creating confidence that sends a positive message to everyone around you. Before granting that certificate, you are required to take training or course refresh and exams which are beneficial for you as this expands your knowledge, competencies, and a chance to reinvent yourself. Reinventing means you remain current and on track with the trend and this is critical as you need to be adaptable to the changes in technology, processes, and global business perspective. Speaking of “perspective,” certifying your own let you grow, gain new insights and a new way to approach your work.

Your certificate will be useless if you will not utilize it

Above all, your certificate will be useless if you will not utilize it well and share it with others through teaching them or demonstrate what you have learned. Everyone seems to know that there is no doubt that someone can be very competent and ethical in a field of practice, yet not be certified, and there is no guarantee too that someone who has achieved professional certification will practice in a competent or ethical manner. Again certification is beyond that piece of paper granted to you.

Author: Gino Pena

Usually confident and calm, Gino is dynamic, intuitive, and a little grain of shyness. He has a keen active mind that is capable of planning ahead and fast decisions. He tends to give out honest helpful advice in a friendly manner. Gino likes to dress smartly in clothes he feels comfortable. Ambitious but not overly so and can be generous to those he loves.