Enjoy your weekend in Sugbo Mercado the weekend market in Cebu

Last Saturday before going to Eluminous electro and fome party I decided to stop over in IT Park Lahug to check out this weekend market called Sugbo Mercado. A little trivia for non-bisaya reader “Sugbo” means city or center of commerce in the native language of Cebu and now associated to Cebu City while “Mercado” is market in bisaya language.


The market is open every Friday and Saturday 4PM to 2AM the next day and will be until March of next year. The weekend market offers food and fashion items from startup businesses.

One of the major sponsors of the weekend market is Food Panda.  Food Panda group is a global online food ordering marketplace and available in 40 countries and now through this first (if I’m not mistaken) weekend market in Cebu city they are launching their availability to serve the sugboanon. A very good news to all Cebuanos because with Food Panda your craving is just a click or tap away on your mobile devices and will be delivered to your doorstep.

What you can find in Sugbo Mercado are stalls of the ever famous Lechón Cebu, Barbecue stands, Sheldon’s Dessert Factory a Gelato stall that offers a gelato for only 65 pesos and you can choose of up to 3 flavors in your cone. Ice cream sandwich from Frostbite. DidGeeKnow ice cream sandwich in Singapore is called “potong” (pia ice cream in colloquial term) which consists of two wafers holding together a block of ice cream.

A new start-up coffee stall Buns & Beard Coffee Co. brewing and introducing an international variety of coffee like Guatemala, Antigua, Ethiopia Sidamo and our very own Benguet Arabica for Php100 per cup. They also sell homemade cupcakes, brownies and cookies.

Another start-up that introduces a Japanese food: the Nikumaki. Nikumaki which means “wrapped meat”, this food appeared towards the end of 1990’s in the city of Miyazaki in Kyushu. The nikumaki version in Sugbo Mercado is a rice ball wrapped in pork and seasoned with their secret sauce then baked until crispy.

Visit the Sugbo Mercado and checkout these new start-up businesses or have fun with the Food Panda bear and win a Gopro and other cool stuff from Sun Cellular, OLX and other sponsors.