Exploring Macau in One Day

Before we end our trip to HK, it wouldn’t be completed if we won’t visit the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau.

Tribya: Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. A Portuguese territory until 1999, it reflects a mix of cultural influences. Macau earned it the nickname, “Las Vegas of Asia.”Source: Worldbank

Macau is another country so technically we visited 2 countries for this trip. Going to Macau from HK is a one hour ride via hydrofoil vessels. We departed from Ferry Terminal near IFC towers and arrived at Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal via TurboJet for HKD 132 at that time.


Because it’s another country so we pass through immigration and then greeted by ticket vendors, mostly are kababayans. They are selling package tickets for tours, something similar here too in the Philippines.

Our itinerary in Macau for the day

From the terminal there are free shuttle service offered by the hotels of Macau to attract guests, we leveraged the shuttle service of Grand Lisboa, take a quick peek and picture taking. The hotel was marvelous and truly luxurious. We took it because Grand Lisboa is the nearest to our first destination.

Senados Square

Around 4PM we need to get off and head to Cotai to check out the famous Parisian and Venetian hotel. We took the free shuttle service of Studio City hotel so we can cross since those hotels are located on another island

Til next time Macau

Before we left the country we had dinner in McDonald’s located at the ferry terminal and we met an old lady from HK that loved to gamble and have fun in the casinos of Macau.

We didn’t go straight to our hotel but paid a quick visit to Temple Street Market back in Kowloon to buy some pasalubong.