The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on fashion

Fashion is now a part of our daily consideration, every day before we go out we always consider our looks and how people will see us. Some people plans their whole week of what they should wear. Others get their inspirations to their icon celebrities, models, influencers (bloggers, lookbook users, Pinterest) for their fashion taste, but what exactly would be that essential stuff that we should keep in mind regardless of those outside factors that affect our fashion taste?


Here’s the summary of what I learned from them about keeping your fashion taste trendy, cool, and acceptable to others. I consider this as my ultimate cheat sheet in choosing my OOTD, or in buying clothes and accessories.. so without further ado here’s my recipe!

  • Confidence – Confidence is everything, whatever you are wearing if you have the confidence to wear it then everything will fall into places. However, that is sometimes subjective and to help you boost that confidence level, make sure that you wear clothes that will fit your body type. Mix and matching are complicated so if you are a man then stick to monochromatic or few combination of colors (2 primary colors and 2 to 3 very minor colors that blend well with the dominant color theme of your outfit). Personally, I prefer dark colors like navy blue, black, dark green for both top and bottom clothing and if ever I go light then I prefer to choose white for top and khaki or gray for mbottom.
  • Aura / Charisma – this is tough to explain but to make it simple, think of what you want to look like if you wear those combinations of clothes in your wardrobe. Do you want to look sexy? Do you like to look mysterious, badass, dapper, intelligent? Or anything that you would want to portray though you have to remember that not all of your desired look is good for you so choose only that is pleasing and will fit your personality. After you have created an image of yourself in your imagination now, it’s time to materialized it. Go shopping or check your closet and go to a salon but make sure that you are not jumping from one look to another very often because besides from it will break your bank it’s also hard to maintain and it will also lose your identity. Again choose the closest to your personality. Assuming that you have successfully changed your looks, the next step is to train yourself to be that person that you are wearing like for example if you choose to be a dapper then act and think like one because it will be weird if you are a dapper but you don’t have the manners. Simply, don’t deviate from your appearance but rather merge everything of yourself together to create a harmonious flow of your identity. I know it will be hard at first but fake it till you make it is the secret – I guess. 🙂
  • Monochromatic/Simplicity – always remember to keep your mix and matching at the minimum level, what I mean is choose 2 to 3 color combination in your OOTD. Unlike girls that they can be colorful as they want men are entirely different, and we are into masculine color combination. Solid colors best fit for every man, colors like blue, gray, white, black, brown are the safest color that we can choose. Create contrast but not to the level that will irritate the eyes of the people looking at you.
  • Harmony – similar to the above bullet, this should always be in your mind in mixing and matching your OOTD, this is more of the details like accessories, brands, and quality of it. The quantity as well matters, you should not blow up yourself with too many accessories. Also, cleanliness and neatness are imperative especially in your footwear and nails; you are usually judged through it.
  • Ability to distinguish cool from weird – standing out means being different or being unique, but it has 2 faces, the another one is cool while the other is weird. But this one (unique) is mainly subjective so make sure to gather the majority’s response to a particular trend or look before applying it to yourself. But to keep yourself safe just remember the above points and you’re good but if you want to step up further then taking this bullet needs a deep and heavy analysis for your OOTD. Just remember my simplified definition of cool and weird, Cool is a uniqueness that everybody appreciates while weird is the another way around so be very very careful, ask your most reliable and trusted adviser (your mom, girlfriend, friend, designer) as well as gather feedback from other people you’ve met.

I apologize if I recommended vloggers that style specifically for men, well I find styling men is so difficult because there’s masculinity and machismo to maintain otherwise he will look like a drag queen. Men’s fashion may look simple but keeping and mix matching it is difficult because of limitations unlike women fashion which is very versatile, and you’ve got a lot of options.

For female readers here’s what I can recommend

Author: Gino Pena

Usually confident and calm, Gino is dynamic, intuitive, and a little grain of shyness. He has a keen active mind that is capable of planning ahead and fast decisions. He tends to give out honest helpful advice in a friendly manner. Gino likes to dress smartly in clothes he feels comfortable. Ambitious but not overly so and can be generous to those he loves.

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