Immature before I’m mature

We might probably hear this once “be mature enough,” “be professional,” “think like grown person” and these phrases could come from your parents, mentors, friends, aunties, grandparents or even strangers. Hearing this from someone is as an arrow struck deep in our chest, our heart pump so fast, we clinched our fist like we are ready to punch hard

Well, before bursting out remember that all of these are important realization that we can use for our growth as an individual. Personally, This reminds me to develop myself because those harsh words asking you to grow ASAP are like keys that will open doors. Those are like mirrors that show my reflection, the dark-side (I think that term is too harsh, let’s change it a little bit hahahhaha, let’s change it to “areas of improvement”). However, I have realized as well that the immaturity that I had were the factors that mold me to become mature as I am now. Those reminders mentioned earlier were like bells that say “hey! You’re hitting under the belt! Tuck up and compose yourself!” and being immature is never a sin, it is a path that will provide you a tough but worthy experiences.

Allow yourself to be immature sometimes, do YOLO or You Only Live Once because through your immaturity you will learn a lot. Some people take this phrase “You Only Live Once” literally but for me what it means is to maximize everything that you have now cause it could be with you once, grab all the opportunity. Let yourself commit mistakes and do stupid things, be immature while you still have the privilege (while still young) to do it because it would be awful if you’re doing childish behavior during your “grandparent” moments, right?

I understand that not all people are risk takers, so this could not be their thing because even myself I admit I am not a daredevil. I am always conscious, and I always look ahead of what could or what would happen if I do things. However, I still want to balance it because I don’t want to miss things that I should have done at my current age or this phase of my life, I think it’s just a matter of balancing, focus on goals, taking the life lessons and enjoy life while you can.