Gourmet Dinner at Scape Skydeck, Lapu-lapu City

Hello, gorgeous people! How’s everything going?

Last Sunday, October 2 of 2016 me and 3 of my friends went to a gourmet dinner at Scape Skydeck restaurant located at the Roofdeck of Azon Residence, M.L. Quezon National Highway, Pusok, Lapu-lapu City. The location is also known by many as “Ubos sa bag-o na tulay” or simply “Ubos” if you are riding a jeepney heading to Lapu-lapu (be careful though there are a lot of similar “Ubos” nickname here in Cebu).


Honestly, my initial plan why we or I chose Scape restaurant to dine-in was because of the view that they offer, I wanted to take a picture of the bridge and the city lights as well as capture a light trail which I did.


[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”1″] We were expecting that the restaurant will provide a “standard” or a mediocre taste and the only uniqueness they got was their scenery on their floor to ceiling windows and balcony. We were surprised when we tasted their food; it was my first time to appreciate food because of its natural flavors and the ingredients compliment each other. Usually, I use to taste the salty-ish or sweety-ish taste of the food here in the Philippines (Filipino taste buds prefer salty or sweet foods) which makes everything a “so-so.” This time when I tried their Pork Escalopes and their Pan Seared Salmon I appreciated their distinct taste and at that moment I truly found my meaning of “Masarap!” (delicious), Masarap for me is a taste of the natural flavor of the main food (pork, fish, etc.) and let the spices and other ingredients compliment into it to enhance or give a distinct flavor for that particular cuisine.

My friends knew that I’m hard to please regarding food taste because most of their masarap is so-so for me. Well, I cannot blame them but guys why should I say masarap to a food if it is expected to have that kind of taste (you know for example if it’s chocolate then it should taste like chocolate)? It is masarap or delicious if it exceeds my expectation, but most often they’re not. Sorry, I guess I’m just too picky 🙁

Anyway, I’m planning to try their U.S Prime Beef Angus Rib Eye or the Char-Grilled Herb Crusted Lamb Rack on my next visit. My friends love their Truffle Carbonara, which I also agree, The pasta is perfect al dente! They also offer pizzas, sandwich and burgers, salad, and desserts. Their food selection ranging from Italian, American, Mexican, Spanish, and they have a wide variety of drinks if you prefer to unwind with friends. Price range is from Php 65 to Php 750 for their drinks while for the food Php 300 – Php 1,600 and thy don’t offer value meals, combo meals and the like but their food is worth the price!