Importance of an Online CV

A Portfolio is your best asset to showcase your skills, certifications and achievements to your next client or employer. Creating a Portfolio and CV on the web is a new trend and will be the “must” in the future.

Well actually this is not just because you need to follow the trend but taking advantage of having your portfolio or Curriculum vitae online is the most important. Take a look below for the list of benefits of creating a web-based gallery of your artwork or Portfolio and Curriculum Vitae and why you should start building it now.


Be seen– Yes! Being online is the easiest way to be discovered. The world is now connected to each other using internet and by proper listing and advertising your page it is pretty sure that customers or your future employer will contact you. If you are looking for a new client or looking for a job, then this is the most important reason why you put your work online. You may integrate this too with optimization activities so YOU and your services, offerings and skills will be ranked higher and outwit your competitors.
Flexibility– online CV and portfolio give you the control with a click of a mouse or a tap on your tab plus you could do it anytime and anywhere as long as you are internet connected. You may add videos, music, pictures or slideshows and compelling content. You may also put your facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media sites.

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Impress– show off your work on how it was delivered. Unlike in paper or in folder hard copy of your portfolio that has a static layout Web-based portfolio provides you stunning and dynamic illustrations. In this way, the visitors who are probably your prospect clients or someone researching you will be impress of your creativity and appreciate that you dedicate your time to update and make it more attractive.
Availability– your résumé online makes you and your skill available for search as well as for you to download once you need it. Example, If you are having a vacation, then someone asked your CV, but you forgot to bring your laptop, isn’t it convenient if you can just give him a calling card with your website or download the content of your online CV, print and send to that person?
Build reputations– with your online presence you have the opportunity to optimize yourself, build a reputation by linking yourself to the niche you are targeting, take part in forums and submit work to some directories.

Portfolio and CV on the web will be the next way for the HR of a company to research about you, in the future I forecasted that this will be the next requirements like it is a drug test or medical exam so while we are still not there create your online presence now.