Off to Siargao the Surfing Capital of PH

Since before, Siargao is already known for its waves that attract surfing enthusiasts around the world. Siargao is a small island located in the Eastern part of the Philippines with a land area of approximately 437 square kilometers.

Siargao’s name is derived from a kind of mangrove tree called saliargaw. When you are above the island you can see that Siargao has large mangrove forest.

Last week we went to Siargao to experience island living, get closer to the beach, and experience a peaceful place once again after 3 quarters of grinding for living this year. Though our visit is just for a couple of days it was absolutely awesome!


The first day was actually just half-day and mostly dedicated to the travel, the only thing we did is dine at Budhha Thai Restaurant.

Club Tara cottages
Club Tara

Our second and half of the third day were in Club Tara Resort, this resort is well known. The resort is like inspired by Maldives cottages. As I can remember, the resort’s aerial view was once placed in tourist cards back then when I was in elementary along with Chocolate Hills of BoholMaria Cristina waterfalls in Iligan, etc. So somehow it’s my childhood dream destination.

21st Siargao National Surfing Cup at Cloud9 General Luna, Siargao Island

Half of the third day was spent visiting Cloud 9 in General Luna, however, there’s an ongoing competition (21st Siargao National Surfing Cup) during that time and it was so crowded so we decided not to pursue the surfing lesson. We just watch the competition for a little, took some photos and videos then decided to travel to the palm forest.

We chartered a boat to and from Club Tara


Below is the rundown of the expenses that I had during my stay. Please note the time of writing, the common expenses that you may incur like transportation and food may change as time goes by.

  • Flight
  • Land transportation
    • Tricycle fare is Php20 during day time and Php 30 during the night time within General Luna
    • Tricycle from/to General Luna tricycle terminal or drop point to Dapa is Php 40
    • Van from airport to GL is Php 200
    • Van from General Luna to the airport is Php 300 (early flights got only a few van passengers that’s why there’s a price hike) in our case we are only 4
    • Rent-a-scooter is Php 350 for 24hrs (we only use it for a few hours) + gas Php 65 per liter. Don’t grab the offer if it’s more than this price.
  • Sea transportation
    • boat charter to Club Tara is Php 1,500 per way per boat
    • boat ride to and from Socorro Php 120
  • Food
    • Miguel’s Taqueria Php 350
    • Buddha Thai Cuisine Php 405
    • Carenderia/hawker Php 140
    • Club Tara dinner Php 750
  • Accommodation
    • Tuazon Vella Php 1,600 (shared, so I spent Php 800 only)
    • Club Tara Php 5,241.60 (shared, so I spent Php 2600 only)
    • Kokai Php 800 (shared, so I spent Php 400 only)

I hope you find this blog post helpful if you’re planning to visit Siargao. The best time to experience Siargao’s waves is during “ber” months especially November and December.

With the current situation (pandemic) please make sure to check your eligibility and the local government requirements before buying that ticket to Siargao. You may find that information here

Author: Gino Pena

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