Samsung DeX: New portable system unit

Imagine life when your control to your workstation is just in your hand or pocket; like literally, like a key! That’s the new feature that Samsung is introducing now with their new flagship phone Samsung S8, and they call it DeX.

Samsung DeX is a portable system unit integrated into your phone, where you just have to dock it into the desktop station, and voila, you can start working and multi-task like it’s a regular desktop (since you’ll be using a monitor, keyboard, and mouse). However, it is still running under its environment and Google’s latest OS. Though Samsung is not the first to introduce this, it’s Motorola back in 2011 through their Droid Bionic and Atrix 4G. Yes, it’s Motorola the first company who made the first mobile telephone or handheld mobile phone on April 3, 1973.  Taiwanese company Asus also tried this last 2012, and they called it PadFone, their version was more of modular series of smartphone and tablet. Microsoft attempted this too called Continuum for Phone as part of their signature feature in Windows 10 last 2015.

Portable System Unit is still unready?

image from Samsung

All those attempts were not really successful, but Samsung is reviving it back through their latest flagship Samsung S8, tagged as the most the aesthetically beautiful smartphone ever produced as of this moment (2017). Samsung is hoping that this feature is a game changer in the battle between smartphones and outwit their closest rival, Apple’s iPhone.

In my opinion, I think it’s still premature for this to be really a boom and become part of daily living like how smartphones right now are doing to our lives. Samsung is taking a shot on this though it’s more promising versus the older versions of this feature, thanks to its powerful processor, hardware, and software. Yet, I’m still looking forward to this feature to be really a norm or let’s just say a staple to every mobile device in the future, similar on how Sony introduces waterproofing idea.

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