Management should hit the sweet spot to efficiently utilize the Millennial workforce

Is “collaboration” really an important thing for the millennial employees, when they are just 7% higher than the baby boomers attitude towards collaboration?

By the year 2030 Millenials will represent nearly 75% of the workforce.

Collaboration is a staple attitude in every organization to push forward and reaches the goals. From baby boomers up to the Millenials generation, it is already in the DNA of the new breed of workforce that collaboration is essential, thus reminding them always about it will just annoy them. Millenials do not like red tape, arbitrary hierarchical structures, or being forced to follow a specific process if they can achieve the result in a more efficient way.

According to UXC Professional Solutions infographic below, Millenials highest advantage is their tech savviness, and I think that should be harness more by providingĀ or giving them freedom to utilize or learn different technology options to solve the organization’s problems.It is appealing for the Millenials to have the flexibility, adaptive workplace that uses technology either devices or knowledge-sharing systems, and everything they did they did collaboratively through apps or software.