Sirao Flower Farm: The Little Amsterdam

It was a lovely day! We visited the famous little Amsterdam of Cebu City located at Barangay Sirao, and that’s 15.9Km away from JY Center (this is the mall in Lahug where you can find motorcycles for hire a.k.a habal-habal). The farm plants various types of flowers but the majority of it are the Celosia’s also known as Cock’s comb/Roster’s comb because of its appearance. DidGeeKnow that Celosia plant can be eaten and considered as a side dish? In fact in Nigeria, it is the leading leafy green vegetables and known as soko yokoto’.

We went there with our own vehicle so it’s not much of a hassle for our part and we enjoy much of the day but if you don’t have a ride you can contract the motorcycles in JY Mall in Lahug. The fare would be around Php500~ish for the back-and-forth, I guess you can haggle too by asking them to include the Temple of Leah as part of your destination (at least you are hitting 2-birds with one stone). Both attractions have an entrance fee of Php50 as of this writing (last year, what I know it was free then Php30) while parking space is Php20.



The Sirao flower farm is flock by many local tourists so expect of photo bombers in your pictures though to solve it, it only needs for the perfect angle and technology like mobile or desktop applications. The farm has ornaments and booth like a colorful mini windmill, Marry Me wall, wood benches, goddess-looking statue, swing-bench, and they also offer a Dutch costume rental for Php 30. It is best to visit the farm during August until October as this time the flowers are fully grown and ready for harvest by November, the farm usually provides flowers for the All-Saints Day and All-Souls Day.