Complaining is Healthy Only If It’s Valid

Complain – express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event. The word is from a medieval Latin complangere which means to bewail and the root word of it plangere which means “to lament.” Source: Google

Complaining is our natural way of venting out our dissatisfaction to something, and that is healthy except that you have to limit that carefully. According to studies complaining has more adverse side-effects and it will affect not just your relationship in the workplace but also your health.

We complain because we need too, we need to let them know our side or our opinion and through that the driver (the ones who introduces something that makes you complain) will have the chance to assist further their proposal or whatever they are introducing. If you complain, you are providing an opportunity to both parties to meet half-way. However, a complaint is only valid and healthy if you vent it out to the right person, right moment, right place, and you carefully assist it before making the complaint because most of the time the complaint has an adverse side-effect.

Negotiate as an educated human being

In complaining, keep in mind that it should be well-thought and not just because of emotional burst. If the claim is due to emotional burst the that often lead to health risk, relationship instability as well as it also attracts negative energy; Sometimes career loss too so be careful in doing it.

Here’re my tips on how to complain healthily:

  • Let the driver finish the proposal, give him/her the opportunity to lay out the benefits of that change. In this way, you have the chance to carefully weigh the benefits versus your opinion or thoughts about it. Keep in mind in your assessment that it should not about you alone, but the effect that the general recipients will have.
  • If the complaint is due to an event, pause for awhile and then inhale then exhale five times. This little activity will give your brain enough oxygen and chance to compose yourself. Talk softly and show that you are a well-mannered individual.
  • Negotiate as an intelligent human being – I notice this more often to customers complaining to the company representatives, they usually shout and curse, and going wild like an animal. I find them amusing that they forget that fact that they are venting out to a person that is not 100% concern to their complaint. They are just spreading the negative vibes and not solving the problem. Again, pause and break for awhile; construct the complaint carefully by providing side-effects and assessment of the benefits (if there are no benefits, please maintain your composure.. you’re an intelligent creature).