Career Thoughts

Innovation: How do we become innovative?

Today, I guess most of the millennials have heard this and some Gen Z as well that we all need to be innovative. Companies want innovation and they are extracting it from their workforce, but what is innovation and why do we need to be innovative? How do we become innovative? According to Business Dictionary, […]


The Best Note taking App

It is really challenging for me to keep things in my mind and a note is very helpful for me. However, bringing notebooks and pen whenever I go could be odd in this generation. That’s why notebook or note-taking apps like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Simplenote, Apple Notes and many others are now available […]

Adventure Travel

My HK Disneyland experience

Second day and it’s Disneyland Day! For me this is the highlight of our Hong Kong vacation, you know I’m still a kid inside (actually all of us hahahaha). We woke up early so we can start great and maximize our 1-day Disneyland experience. From TST, we took a train going to Sunny Bay; the […]


What type of luggage bag should I buy?

Buying a suitcase is like looking for a long term relationship. The luggage that you’ll buy will be your travel buddy whether international or domestic trips. With that in mind, it should always fit your preferences like in my case I would like my luggage to be flexible that can be hand-carried or check-in that […]