Wandering Hong Kong Essentials

In a few days from now, I will be wandering Hong Kong with my friends. We have been planning this trip for about a year or more, but keeps on changing the dates, the people that will go, and this has been unprioritized too for sometimes, and now it’s just a few days, and we are all excited! At last!

Hopefully, in God’s blessing our trip will be fun and smooth. I prayed for this because one of our friends is in danger that she might not be able to come with us in HK, but we are still hoping that she will pursue the travel. She endured a lot of challenges for this planned trip. She had a problem in getting her passport because of her NSO birth certificate that she has to went home back in Surigao from Cebu and been denied twice because of her documents and now a new challenge came which was about her financial stability because their house needs an emergency reconstruction and it came in just last week.

Anyway, this post is about our preparations for this trip. Besides from getting an airfare ticket, having a passport, booking a hotel, and preparing our itinerary below are my little personal stuff that I should have when strolling or in other words “what to bring in strolling Hong Kong.”

  • Camera – going to a different place is perhaps a life milestone, so it is vital to document that achievement.
  • Bag – This will be a container of all your stuff while exploring the foreign place, make sure that it’s not that bulky so that you won’t annoy other passengers.
  • Powerbank – Our smartphone will be totally very helpful to us, from navigating the place, checking what is nearby, translation service, searching the internet, social media, and connecting wth your loved ones back home but this device will run out of juice before the day ends, so a portable power is crucial.
  • Bottled water – water is essential to rehydrate our body so always bring one to enjoy the journey while keeping your energy boosted sufficiently.
  • Sunglass and cap – exploring under the heat of the sun may irritate your eyes and stressed it at the end of the day, protect it by using these items while enjoying the scenery.
  • Jacket – I checked the forecast weather in Hong Kong, and it says that it’s about 23 to 27 degrees Celsius and I guess that’s tolerable but to keep myself warm, I better bring a jacket to ensure.
  • Watch – time is gold, with limited time in Hong Kong we don’t want to miss everything, so a perfect piece of watch is important in your wrist.
  • Walking/running shoes – I specifically indicated “walking or running” shoes because it is expected that we will be using our feet more.
  • Smart Phone – a feature packed device, from map, notes, camera, email, search, games, communication, and more! I think this is the most innovated object of the century. Smart Phone paired with a reliable and fast internet connection will simplify your trip and let you enjoy more. Share your experience with your friends back home or all over the world, post your selfie and snaps, check-in in Swarm or Facebook and see recommendations nearby.
  • Passport – it’s imperative that we should bring with us always our passport once we are not in our territory, this will be our identification on that country.

I hope that our adventure to HK will be pleasing and smooth. More blog and vlog post soon as we wander the Shopping Capital of Asia. I hope you like Wandering Hong Kong Essentials, and please feel free to comment, share, and follow. Have a great day ahead!  🙂


PS: She’s not able to come with us to Hong Kong. 🙁